Sunday, May 19, 2013

13 and counting...

Yes, that's right...there are 13 days left in the school year.  Where did the time go?  I usually feel so ready for a break (and a tiny part of me is) but this year is different.  This year I feel like there's more I want to do with my kids.  This year I have some kids who aren't quite where I want them to be.  This year is the last for my teaching partner and I.

Several weeks ago, I found out that my teaching partner (and really good a sister good!) would be moving to 8th grade.  Then a week or so after that I found out she was transferring to a different school.   Dang!  We were a TEAM!  We planned together, did our PD together, and even did prep work over the summer together.  We've had a good run these last 5 years and I'm really going to miss working with her.  And while I do wish her well and know how lucky the other campus is to have her, I'm still sad for my loss :(

All that being said, I had the opportunity to meet my new partner this week, and I am confident that everything will be okay.  She came and shadowed me for a day and I think she'll be a great addition to our staff.  She was excited to be there, good with the kids, and had a terrific attitude!  She's coming from 4th grade, so I'm excited to learn from her knowledge about where our 6th graders come from and the experiences that they've had to get them where they are.

13 days and counting.....

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