Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feeling very wordy...

Have you ever started something and then wondered why you would have ever thought it was a good idea?  Well, that's been me this week.  I've spent hours and hours and more hours working on a word wall.  I started last Sunday and by Tuesday I was really starting to question my sanity (as was my husband and my children!)  At last I have finished, and I'm really excited to share it!

I think vocabulary is so important.  Often, I find that our students don't understand because they can't comprehend the language.  And, too often, it's their inability to decode words that holds them back.  One word that always surprises me is "percent".  Students have difficulty seeing the "cent" and connecting it to other words that have "cent" in them (cents, century, centimeter).  

Is it just my kids?  What do you do in your classroom to help students understand the language of math?

For the kids,

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