Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Minds on Math Chapter 10 - Sharing and Reflection

Chapter 9 stressed the importance of students sharing and reflecting upon their work.  Again, I felt as I was reading this, that this was something I did fairly well in ELA, but under-utilize it in math.  It is important for students to think about their not only the mathematics they are learning, but their own thinking.

On pages 162-163, Ward Hoffer lists questions to use in reflection.  As I read these questions, it dawned on me that I really needed to compile some of the great lists of questions that Ward Hoffer shares in the book.  So I set out to find my favorite lists.  I wanted to put them in an easy-to-use booklet that I could carry with me as I circulated the classroom.  This is what I came up with...

I'm going to cut them apart and have them spiral bound at an office supply store.  There were so many useful things in this book and I wanted a way to have what I considered to be the "best" tidbits at my fingertips.  

I really liked the rubric that Ward Hoffer included.  For me, this really helps assess explanations and it gives students some guidelines to consider when penning (or penciling) their explanations.  It also makes the assessment less arbitrary and is more useful than a credit/no credit system.

For those of you interested, we will be having a Twitter chat tonight at 7:00 p.m. CST about this book.  Join us #momathchat!


  1. Melanie - that is so awesome and exactly what I was thinking of doing as well (printing, laminating, and posting to my clip board)! Great job! I totally agree… this book had fantastic ideas and lists and everything :). I'm so excited to get started!

  2. Melanie - are you willing to share your files and if so, do you have them in .pdf form? Thanks!

  3. Hmmm…. this may sound silly…. how do I share my email with you privately??

  4. Great idea Melanie! I plan on laminating mine and keeping them with my clipboard.


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